Things As Organisms

Things as organisms

organism a living thing that has (or can develop) the ability to act or function independently

A thing does not just exist as a thing itself but extends as an organism, a community exists as an organism, as does a culture, as does an individual, as does a group.

Each functions in a symbiotic relationship but with intention this symbiosis can be transformed into something more, something greater than the sum of it’s parts, this can only be done through the expanding the freedom of the organism itself. An aggressive modification of the organisms functions is needed, After defining what freedom means for the organism then the modifications to the functions should be thought out.

If we use a specific example

– Pasan Hiker – Comes from a rich family – Very wealthy – Made this wealth from donations from the working class – Lives in a very expensive house – Wants a revolution to overcome capitalism – Gains lots of enjoyment from excess & material goods

Aside from the issue that a person criticising capitalism quickly gets devoured then integrated into the capitalist system thereby strengthening it, Pasan as an individual does not have the freedom to overcome capitalism, if capitalism is overcome pasan is miserable and pasan knows this because he’s talked about his “addiction” to consumerism and material goods that would not exist outside of capitalism. So no matter how many people become pasan (the spreading of organisms) capitalism remains as it always has been. This means pasan spreading does nothing. Now a distinction should be kept, Pasan as an individual and Pasan as an organism, pasan refers to a person, Pasan as an organism refers to not just pasan but the others that interact through him. Think of a graph with a ton of nodes but each node will at least connect to pasan, this is what pasan as an organism looks like, the more nodes in the organism start communicating independently of pasan as an individual the less control over the organism pasan has (think of subreddit that end up being hate subreddits for the person, if communication between fans didn’t happen this change could never occur).

So when you exist early on as an organism your goal is self replication but only in a way that leads to increased freedom of individuals but this freedom is context dependant, if you think drugs are good then increasing freedom comes from removing roadblocks stopping consumption of drugs, if you think drugs are bad this freedom actually comes from the restriction of freedom, removing the motives for doing drugs and making individuals restrict their freedom so that they can gain freedom from the thing instead of freedom that allows the thing.

Once the organism framework is applied then the individuals only goal is replication until the organism becomes self sustaining then it should be about maximising the freedom of the organism to function and actualise it’s will. This should be done as quickly as possible so that the organism becomes decentralised with a will of it’s own instead of conforming to the will of any individual person.