Accelerationists Are Born And Die In The Same Place

Accelerationists live and die in the same place

For accelerationism to properly spread it as an organism needs to expand beyond it’s starting conditions, the typical lifecycle is a person is exposed to acc on a microcosm of a social media site then proceeds to exist as an accelerationist only in that space and usually get trapped by their own narrow engagement to only exist in that microcosm, limiting potential growth, this can be seen nowhere better than when looking at e/acc a movement that’s supposedly lead by 10xers in the valley and that on twitter do have significant respect and influence from/with the right people but outside of twitter they’re borderline unknown and have no status because they almost exclusively exist/engage on twitter with people already involved in acc, this is not simply a waste but also a death sentence.

The level of influence should be much greater than it is but it’s nothing beyond a circlejerk that seeks to make everyone repeating the same word salad or talking points feel smart whilst surrounded by sycophants.