• Being human
  • Goals
  • What works

Being human

  • You cannot multitask
    • Music should never take your attention
    • At best you can do one thing to an acceptable level
    • Illusion of saving time
  • You don't know what you want
    • You constantly think you want to act against your own interests
    • You have vague and worthless goals
  • Your memory is worthless
    • "The brain is constantly trying to make it so you don't need a brain"
    • memory is mostly pointless
    • maintaining memory
    • do you need to remember it?
  • You should feel anxious


  • Knowing
    • Knowing your thoughts
    • Knowing why you think them
    • Knowing yourself
  • Desire
    • Knowing why you desire something
    • Potential routes

What works

  • Limit your choices
  • Limit your capacitity to make a choice
  • Keep your mind on your goals
  • See things before doing them