Your Life Will Get Worse

Your life will get worse

Our current quality of life has lead to a planet that is not sustainable, we can talk about the reasons why as much as we want but we can simplify it, it’s because our (first worlders) quality of life itself is not one that is sustainable with the current population, population declines if they occur will likely be slow, this leaves one option only, a lower quality of life for us. Any approach to fix climate change will have to lower our quality of life, this is a truth everyone aside from climate change deniers need to accept, you cannot keep your current quality of life, it has to get worse, in the future it might get better but for now you need to accept the fact it has to get worse, this is not something you can change or control.

Acceptance of reality is important, Our quality of life is not sustainable so we can either

  1. Lower the quality of life of other groups to make ours sustainable
  2. Lower our quality of life
  3. Deny climate change
  4. Ignore climate change